Every enterprise… big or small… must determine what the needs of its customers are and how to maximize its resources to meet those needs…

IT technologies create opportunities for businesses that past generation could only dream of. Business process automation and customer relationship management are key areas where a good product can greatly reduce business complexity and manual operations, thus provide substantial increase in productivity and service improvement.

In this world of generic enterprise products that require huge customization and implementation challenges, Comptek focuses on specific industry segments and delivers products targeted to solve their problems.

We utilize expert resources and unparalleled insight into industry needs to deliver following enterprise products:

GIS Application

Technical Software from Bentley and solutions visit

Software Solution for all segment.

IT Consultancy (Quality with cost effictiveness)

Language Lab concept to Solutions

Virtual Class / Smart Class from concept to solutions

Library Management Concept to Solutions

School Administrative System (SAS)

Remote Office Management (ROM)

Retail Enterprise Management (REM)

All these with 30 years of experience.