As Comptek continues to grow and deliver market-leading technology to our customers, we recognized the need to streamline our partner program and create a single, unified program uniting all Comptek partners.

In March 2006, we announced phase one of the new Comptek Partner Program. We view our partners as an extension of the sales team, and many of you provided feedback along the way. Since March 2008, we have unified sales training, enhanced benefits, and announced interim program requirements. We continue to build a program that is focused on helping you grow your revenue and profitability.

The Comptek Partner Program recognizes four membership levels and four partner types. Your membership level is based on your desired commitment to Comptek, and achievements are rewarded with a rich array of benefits offered at each level.

Please take a moment to review the Partner Program Guide to understand the latest updates to the program.

Our goal is to have a world-class partner program uniquely suited to help facilitate your engagement with Comptek and assist you in securing new business opportunities. We are committed to growing our partner relationships and we thank you for your continued support of Comptek.

Channel Partners

Comptek Channel Partners' primary business model is focused on selling and installing hardware, software, or services to offer complete solutions to customers.


Comptek Platinum Partners deliver the highest value to their customers and demonstrate expertise in multiple Comptek solution sets, consistently achieving revenue targets and attaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Through a powerful alliance, Comptek provides Platinum Partners the richest benefits, including extensive access to marketing, sales, and technical resources, with an additional focus on joint planning and the development of mutually beneficial customer relationships.


Comptek Gold Partners are experts in delivering Comptek solutions to their customers and have a high measurable level of customer satisfaction. Gold Partners enjoy enhanced benefits plus access to internal Comptek resources complementing the wealth of available sales and marketing information, tools, and support.


Comptek Silver Partners have achieved proven success in the marketplace with Comptek solutions. Silver Partners have access to a wealth of benefits designed to build revenue and meet the needs of our mutual customers.


Comptek Registered Partners are organizations interested in taking the first step to building a relationship with Comptek. The Registered Partner level provides an introduction to the broad array of program benefits and support that Comptek offers to help you build your business.

System Builder

Comptek's System Builder Program delivers branded security and availability solutions to system builders and system integrators for small business and consumer customers. Designed specifically to meet the needs of this channel, the program offers the right products, cost-effective packaging, market-sensitive pricing, and the training and support required for partner success.


Comptek Distribution Partners distribute most of the Comptek products, providing added value to authorized resellers. Distribution Partners maintain relationships with authorized resellers of all levels, and provide account support to resellers who do not have a direct relationship with Comptek.

Technical Support

The Technical Support Partner Program (TSPP) enables qualified Comptek partners to deliver technical support on authorized products. Access to Comptek technical product training, direct access to senior-level technical support engineers and a partner account manager to facilitate Comptek interactions are key features of this program.

Technology Partners

Comptek's Technology Partner Program provides tools and support to develop joint solutions between a partner's products and Comptek's technology. Together, we make it easier for our mutual customers to make choices that lead to best-of-breed, fully interoperable systems.

There are two types of partners that operate within this program:

Comptek Technology Enabled Partners

The Comptek Technology Enabled Program (STEP) extends the company's long history of collaboration with other technology suppliers and Comptek's product lines to support a broad ecosystem of enabled products. STEP provides standardized processes, Technology Tracks, and validation tools to facilitate the creation and ongoing support of interoperable security, storage, hardware and software solutions.

OEM Partners

The key to our success is having OEM partners who trust our products and want to share them with their own customers. Our OEM program allows qualified partners to bundle Comptek's most popular consumer security, data protection, and remote support solutions with the systems they produce, and provides manufacturers of systems, peripherals, and vertical market software the opportunity to license our solutions for their customers.

Global Strategic Partners

Comptek's Global Strategic Partners are a select set of companies committed to jointly delivering integrated enterprise solutions. Comptek works closely with Global Strategic Partners to create innovative solutions, and drive customer adoption of information security and availability technologies and best practices.

In today's increasingly complex environment, it's more important than ever to develop and support end-to-end solutions and services. The Global Strategic Partner program provides a collaborative environment for Partners to access support needed to create integrated solutions, resell or recommend Comptek products and services, and develop or extend practice offerings around Comptek technologies.

For our mutual customers, the increased depth of shared expertise means greater access to proven business solutions, rapid and cost-effective implementation, complete life-cycle support, and integrated services and technology that greatly reduce their cost of ownership and maximize their IT investments.

Participation in the Global Strategic Partner program is by invitation only.

Global Strategic Partner

Global Strategic Partner level membership is for Partners who make a very significant investment in delivering joint solution offerings through a combination of:

  • Resources

  • Training

  • Solution development activities

  • Sales commitment and tracking

  • Joint marketing plans

These partners actively participate with Comptek in joint business planning and development as part of their commitment to the mutual success of the partnership.