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Remote Office Management

ROM is a web based solution for small and medium size businesses with limited personnel resources. ROM allows such entrepreneurs more freedom in their core business development while automating their utility business tasks such as HR management, payroll processing and accounting functions. ROM provides white labeled web portal that can be customized for any business. With built-in tools for simple integration at a business premise, ROM allows cost effective, dynamic and easy to use all the administrative tasks from any location.

Following key modules of ROM can be customized for any enterprise's requirements:

  • Intranet Portal Module includes customization of internal information made available to employees with capability to provide interactive features and Wikis.

  • Enterprise Communication Module includes options for integration with enterprise mail servers or providing web based mail services for employees.

  • HR Module provides online access for managing and enforcing HR policies, employee on-boarding and training automation and employee self service tools.

  • Accounting Module enables automation of business finances and inventory management with simple to advanced feature customization according to an enterprise needs such as G/L, A/P, A/R, payroll, fixed assets, budgeting and more.