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Retail Enterprise Management

REM enables automations of retail business process to provide simplification of operations management with greater insight into the causes of business performance. REM consolidates data from every level of a retail enterprise across its operational, finance, inventory and sales divisions. Its modular customization and integration approach enables easy adoption across various departments. REM's powerful tools demonstrate tangible benefits to an enterprise during early stages of implementation. REM can be deployed at multiple store locations with centralized access for inventory and sales tracking.

Following key modules of REM can be implemented for any retail's requirements:

  • Store Management: Provides a dashboard view for all store operations including inventory management, store employee count, role and planning, marketing initiatives and results, sales revenue.

  • Inventory Management: Automatically tracking inventory which can be integrated with points of sales and supply sources.

  • Customer Relationship Management: Support customers information repository, purchase history and provides tools for handling customer enquiry, product marketing and support.

  • Account Management: Provides integrated accounting control on store expenses, earnings with analytical tools to get revenue, margin, and expense performance indicators.