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School Administrative System

SAS is a complete package for school's services management. It comes with a web access that can be enabled in school's intranet to provide interactive services for school management and teacher staff, students and parents. Its unique integration adaptors enable automation of school resources such as library, labs and various supplies. Its support for hierarchical entities can integrate a city or private chain of schools for broad level management. With built-in tools for administrative and access policy management, SAS makes life simpler for schools.

Following key modules of SAS that can be customized to meet any school specific needs:

  • Administrative Module includes many sub-module s for various management activities.
    • Admission Module for processing applicants and admission data.
    • CRM Module for handling external and internal relationships with parents, alumni, donors, media etc.
    • Finance Module for helping with school finances such as student billing, donations, expenses, earnings, payroll etc.
  • Campus Online Module for creating an informative intranet based of Wikis, student and teacher organizations and campus communities.
  • Resource Online Module for enabling intranet access for school resources such as library, labs, athletics and other facilities.
  • Classroom Online Module for helping students and teachers with handling assignments, tests, grading and results related processes