Comptek has many years of crafting leading-edge solutions for small to large enterprises, government and security sectors. We deliver these end-to-end solutions with the commitment to service assurance and ethical performance that has marked Comptek since its founding. Comptek employs deep understanding of customer needs during the requirement phase to ensure proper technology selection and customization. We also provide transitional expertise while the customer is learning to run a new system on their own. Comptek has successfully implemented many projects in following domains:

Broadband Wireless

  • Wireless video surveillance on IP based system with motion detection and communication based identity management.
  • Campus site-wide Wi-Fi wireless networking implementations for educational institutes and large enterprises.
  • Wireless emergency communication solutions for public safety based upon Wi-Fi, CDMA and GPRS networks.
  • Metropolitan area and large campus site-wide Wi-Max trials.

Geographic based Services

  • GIS Implementation in Forest, Mining, Geology, Space Applications, Telecom, Health and Water Sanitation sector.
  • GPS Modeling with CAD mapping tools for Forest and Transportation sectors.
  • Medical Solutions

    • Brain imaging analysis through neuron network with Matlab and SPSS implementations.
    • Remote healthcare management for patient monitoring, communication and record management.

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