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Vision and Leadership

Founded in 1988, Comptek International, a successful MSME software development and Implementation company ,has been a leading provider of the sensor, software, and autonomous solutions to the global marketplace.

With our broad product range from different OEM, Comptek is much more than an eminent consulting group, we also provide services, solutions, and product training with more than 30 years of experience as a System Integrator, software/ hardware dealer and software developer.

The company's management has since expanded Comptek's strategic vision to help to combat climate change by including products and services focused on providing technologies that shape the urban and production ecosystems to make it connected and autonomous — ensuring a scalable, sustainable future. We are active in System integration and software development on GIS platform, also working with land use data and location-based services, supporting the creation, networking, and management of the world's infrastructure, including Forests, agricultural lands, watersheds, roadways, bridges, airports, skyscrapers, industries and much more and solutions customized according to the needs of various professions — the engineers, architects, Geospatial professionals, planners, contractors, fabricators, IT managers and operators. By providing continuous learning opportunities through product training, online seminars, and academic programs we define our commitment to current and future generations of involved professionals.

Comptek International is committed to a simple, yet powerful purpose: Putting data to work to empower an autonomous future. In this future, we're empowering, data is doing its greatest work — leveraged to achieve its full potential. It's a world where our customers possess the means to flourish, the room to grow, and the data-driven efficiencies, productivity, and quality outcomes to ensure that both humanity and sustainability thrive.

Comptek International creates solutions that deliver a 5D smart digital reality with insight into what was, what is, what could be, what should be, and ultimately, what will be. Our core strategy is to assist nations, cities, and sites to embrace a sensible digital reality. Our real-time location intelligence solutions are built by using application programming interfaces (APIs) to make sure portability into the longer term, and with the GPU acceleration for optimal performance.